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Youngstrom Torbenson Hoge
Cindy Youngstrom Liz Torbenson Arynne Hoge
(208) 478-6863 ext. 321 (208) 478-6863 ext. 322 (208) 478-6863 ext. 320


Q & A with CHS Counseling Team

Q: Am I on track?! What credits are required? Is there a checklist?

A: Yes! Use this GRAD CHECKLIST to track your progress. This closely mirrors the Academic Progress and Planning Guide within Infinite Campus that we use for Course Selection. If a student has passed the courses listed, check it off! Be sure to note that some items reflect requirements that have multiple sections listed.

Q: What electives or AP courses does CHS offer? Who teaches what?

A: Whether you already attend CHS, or you are a prospective student, it makes sense that you are curious about what courses might fit best into your schedule. Visit our Academic Planning Site at any time to find out about CHS Academics, Athletics, and Activities! Please note that we generally update the Academic offerings every February to reflect the upcoming school year and assist in course selection. 

Q: Why do I have to take certain classes? What are the prerequisites?

A: Every year the district updates the High School Handbook. This guides everything we do.

Q: How do I look up my PSAT score and what does it mean?

A: Sophomores and Juniors took the PSAT in October. Students were given interpretation instructions in their TA classes the week that scores were posted on their College Board profiles. Just in case someone needs a refresher, you can click on find instructions on how to find your score. And, here is the Official Interpretation Video as well!

Q: When is the SAT this year and who takes it? Where is it at? Do I owe money??

A: The SAT is on Wednesday April 13, 2022. The State of Idaho pays for all JUNIORS (11th Grade Students) to take the SAT each year. It will be at CHS during the regular school day.It is also a graduation requirement. Here is the OFFICIAL SAT PRACTICE OVERVIEW. Your results will be posted to your College Board profile in mid-May. HERE is a reminder how to access those. Here is the GUIDE TO INTERPRET those results. This guide to UNDERSTANDING SAT SCORES is also helpful.

Q: When are ISATs? Who takes them? Are they required?

A: For the 2021-2022 school year, all 10th grade students will take the ELA and Math ISATs on Wednesday, April 13th, 2022. All 11th grade students will take the shorter Science ISAT following a lunch break after the SAT on that same date. Any sophomores or juniors who do not take the ISAT on this date that has been set aside for testing will be pulled from classes on alternate dates to test. For more information, see Ms. Torbenson.

Q: When is AP testing? Who is over that?

A: AP testing happens in April and May. Ms. Youngstrom is our expert! See her if you have questions.

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Tate Christensen Jessica Woodland
Tate Christensen Jessica Woodland
(208) 478-6863 ext. 324 (208) 478-6863 ext. 324

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